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Database Driven Website

Database Integration is always considered as a good option for the website owners whose sites contain, or are expected to contain a large amount of information, which has to be modified, altered or updated regularly. All of the important information is stored in the database of the website, and doing so can be very cost effective and time saving.

We provide you with expert database solutions with most suitable ways to include product or service details, pricing, technical data or any other featured services of your business, that involve storage of a large amount of data.

A secure database provides its site, with other additional functions such as the facility to add a shopping cart, keep a track on the number of visitors and their details and a message board, making your site an interactive experience for its visitors.

On the whole, integrating your website with a secure Database helps convert your Static website, to a Dynamic one. Following are a few benefits of Database Driven websites over static websites are: Database driven websites are quick and easy to modify, edit, change or format any stored information. Products, services and other information can be customized for the visitors.

A major section of the website can be updated instantly through a single effort. Immediate generation of varied information whenever required.

Some of the common examples which employ the use of database are:
  • Visitor feedback forms
  • E-commerce software
  • Online shopping cart
  • Website news and press release management tools
  • Message boards / Blogs
  • Members area
  • Generation of reports
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