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Link Popularity means how well recognized you are, on the internet. In other words, the more the quality links you have with your website, the more popular and credible your website is.

Internet Marketing Strategies

The algorithm of the 3 main search engines-Google, Yahoo and MSN, give high weightage to quality back links which are built, by incorporating a good Link Building campaign. Both, the quantity and quality of these back link sites also helps in increasing the Google Page Rank (PR), which is a measure of how significant your website is.

Internet Marketer : Internet Marketing Tips

  • One-way links: When a person links his website to yours without asking for a link in return, then it is known as a One Way Link. These links are the best way to have inbound links without giving out or trading links from your site to outside sites, as they do not look like a reciprocal link exchange. These give the appearance of natural link building process and are the best way to increase the link popularity of the site by getting relevant links for the site.
  • Reciprocal links: This link building process is reciprocal in nature, somewhat like a give and take deal and is therefore, also known as a Two-way link building process. In this process, when a website A gives a link to website B, then website B gives a link to website A, in return. Though, one way links are the great option for increasing link popularity of a site, Reciprocal links are a good option too, in terms of there low costs and effective and inexpensive services, yielding to economical results. If used in a balanced and systematic manner, Reciprocal link exchange can help in promoting your website, product, or services, effectively and efficiently.

Internet Marketing Solutions / Internet Marketing Strategy

  • Link Building helps your website get higher rankings from the search engines, as the more links you have, the more is your ranking. Quality and relevant Link Building also increases the Page Rank of your website, hence attracting more traffic and increasing popularity.
  • Having relevant links or links related to your business, products or services, with your website, helps adding credibility to your site. The more valuable and quality links you have, the more genuine and reliable is your website, for the customer.
  • The more the credibility of your website, the more able it will be, to draw relevant traffic to it, making it a valuable resource for them to explore. Also, with the relevant Reciprocal links, you will benefit more as it will direct the traffic of the other websites you are linked to, to yours, hence getting you double traffic.
  • Quality Link Building also helps your website get indexed with the search engines and will also catch your regular site updates, helping your site get wider exposure in the search engine arena.
Consent-based newsletter advertising helps you reach your existing as well as prospective customers, attracting them to your offers or announcements. E mails and newsletters are a truly efficient way to build customer relationships, rapid online sales and brand awareness and loyalty.

By integrating your website with the best Auto Responder, we help getting your messages relevantly delivered to the people who have subscribed to them.

Local Internet Marketing

Software that helps you capture the email as well as contact addresses of your visitors, Auto Responder automatically collects and stores the information in your database. And once you have your entire data of customer information with you, you can make full use of it by keeping them informed about your latest offers, products, services or any other announcements. We offer to integrate your website with the best available Auto Responder, enabling your website to automatically generate and send emails over a pre decided period of time. It also helps you stay in touch with your prospects as much as possible, and anyone, wanting any information, report or newsletter, related to your site, can subscribe for and receive it within minutes.

Internet Marketing Plan : Some of the features offered by using Auto Responders are

  • Get better and wider reach through one channel
  • Obtain the facility of offering common information, but in the form of personalized e-mails, newsletters or reports
  • Get a detailed list of addresses of your prospective customers
  • Create and manage unlimited mailing lists
  • Get an automated email notification whenever someone subscribes to your site
  • With every separate mailing list, have its own set of timed auto responder
  • Block unwanted e mail addresses
  • Track results and accordingly refine your advertising efforts for more fruitful efforts
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